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If you are interested in learning about becoming a corporate client with our company or if you are requesting a password to log in to the “Corporate Client Center”, please contact Mr. Josef Silny at:

Welcome to the Department of Corporate Relations

The Department of Corporate Relations is committed to serving colleges, universities, immigration attorneys, employers, private agencies, and other corporate clients. We provide foreign academic credential evaluations, study abroad evaluations, institution profile reports and professional translation services for every official language spoken in the world.

Our Mission

It is our mission to build strong corporate partnerships tailored to the needs of each institution through individualized services, daily maintenance of accounts and excellent customer service. Please visit the References section of the JS&A website to see what many of our corporate clients are saying about us!


In addition to the personalized and courteous service provided by our staff members, corporate clients enjoy other benefits, such as customized service applications, electronic delivery of evaluation reports, online review of application status, as well as access to completed evaluation reports, which you can view and print right from your own office.

Institutional reports

This service is only offered to corporate clients. This service is generally requested by offices of Study Abroad and offices responsible for articulation agreements with foreign institutions of higher education.

Institutional reports include the following information: name and location of the foreign institution, accreditation status, admission requirements into the institution, language of instruction, academic programs offered, degrees offered and the U.S. equivalents, hours of instruction or credit system used and how to determine the U.S. equivalent semester credit hours, the grading scale used and the U.S. equivalent grades, and the contact information. Corporate clients who would like to receive an Institutional Report must email us the website address of the institution for which they want to receive an Institutional Report. Upon review of this request we will email the corporate client the cost for the Institutional Report and for institutions where English is not the language of instruction, we will include the cost of English translation. Each report is normally completed in 4 weeks and may take longer if we are having difficulty obtaining information from foreign institutions. Contact us for the cost of English translation for Institutional Reports from countries where the official language is not English. Please note that prices are subject to change without notice.

Our Team

Laure Priolet
Assistant Director for Corporate Relations
Telephone: 305.273.1510

Tatiana Velasquez
Assistant Director for Application and Corporate Processing             
Telephone: 305.273.1616 ext. 124                                                          
Carlos Pazos
Account Specialist
Telephone: 305.273.1616 ext. 137

Janelis Mirete
Account Specialist
Telephone: 305.273.1616 ext. 129

Blair Bernstein
Account Specialist
Telephone: 305.273.1616 ext. 179